MMX-070 Display

MMX-070 Display

By vantage_admin 25 julio, 2016

The Trimble® MMX-070 display is a robust, portable, Android™ tablet built for agriculture. It combines the capabilities of a precision farming display with the advantages of a tablet. Use it in the cab for manual guidance and automatic section control over ISOBUS, as well as outside the cab for mapping, scouting, or other tasks. Enjoy the convenience of browsing the Internet or loading different apps from Trimble’s Ag App Central marketplace. Its flexibility and price point separates it from any other precision farming display. The MMX-070 display provides basic precision agriculture functionalities, including:

Guidance and Mapping

  • Coverage, point, line, and area mapping
  • Manual guidance for a number of field patterns

ISOBUS Compatibility

  • Communicate and control implements that use ISOBUS standards, eliminating the need for multiple displays in the tractor cab and reducing clutter

Internet Connectivity and Ag App Central

  • Built-in WiFi for browsing the Internet
  • Access to Connected Farm™ apps for boundary mapping, scouting, field record keeping, fleet management, and irrigation monitoring
  • Download and install Trimble approved third-party apps from Ag App Central

Available Correction Services

  • SBAS
    • 6-8″ (15-20cm) pass-to-pass accuracy

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