Irrigate-IQ Optimal Flow Irrigation

Irrigate-IQ Optimal Flow Irrigation

By vantage_admin 25 agosto, 2016

No matter how much water you apply, some areas of your field just don’t produce high yields. And when you don’t have a variable frequency drive pump, it’s next to impossible to avoid applying a constant rate across your entire field—resulting in wasted water and wasted costs.

Pressure Regulation

  • Irrigate-IQ optimal flow ensures the pressure of your pivot stays within a defined range, even when operating in no spray areas. If the pivot exceeds a maximum range, the system will go into a safety mode to reduce the pressure, so you can be confident your pivot is not at risk of damage.

Reliable Values

  • Industry-leading, 3-way vent to atmosphere valves ensure the system performs reliably all season. The rugged, fully-sealed housing prevents clogging and blockage, even when pumping unwanted debris. Plus, the valves default to the open position, so water will always flow, even during unexpected system events.

Individual Nozzle Control

  • Irrigate-IQ optimal flow gives you control over each individual nozzle based on the irrigation plan and location. Individual nozzle control provides the highest level of accuracy for your no spray areas.

Flexible and Scalable

  • The Irrigate-IQ solution is flexible and scalable to suit your irrigation needs. It can be installed on a many pivot makes and models that have basic or smart panels. You can start with a basic monitor and control system and upgrade to optimal flow at any time using the same base hardware. There is no loss of initial investment.

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